Sunday, October 17, 2010

Speyer and Neustadt Trip

We took Gramma and Grampa B to Speyer to see the Cathedral there. It was gorgeous, and so worth the trip! We saw the cathedral, went inside, and then spent an hour or so wandering around the downtown area. What a gorgeous city!
Emma goofing around by the fountain in the square
Cathedral from the front
cathedral from the side (its brighter green in real life- this has a photo edit to make it sepia)
After Speyer, we went to Neustadt to check out their wine fest. They had rides and all sorts of good food available as well. Harry had a rough day, but we all still had fun!
Emma and I rode the giant ferris wheel- we had so much fun!
Harry on the race cars. Of course. :)

view of Neustadt from the ferris wheel

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