Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day and the First Snow!

We woke up on Thanksgiving morning to beautiful glorious German snow. :) The kids were SOO excited, as was I. We ran right out and played in it. After an hour or two, Emma says, "Mom, can we have breakfast now?" I totally forgot to feed them before we went out! We made snowmen, used the sled, and threw lots and lots of snowballs!

Emma frowing snowballs

Harry loves snow :)

The back of our house!

our german neighbor trying to ride her bike in the snow

we built a snowman

Harry trying to wink

my beautiful children
That evening, we had a Thanksgiving potluck at our friends' house. Michelle invited over 4 families, including us, and we had an amazing time! 11 adults and 12 kids! We are SO blessed to have such amazing friends right in our village!
The mafia children

The beautiful Martinshoehe Mafia Mammas
Deedee, Christy, Me, Michelle, and Heather

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