Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun Times

The kids demanded to play outside the other day in the rain. Since it was reasonably warm out (about 45 degrees), I figured, "why not?!" So, they headed out in rain coats and boots and had a blast. Of course, Emmila needed hot cider when she came inside, but I think that's going to continue until June at least... :)

Dad and I took the kids on a "nature walk" around the village the other day. As you can see, ALL of our snow is completely GONE! How crazy is the weather here??

 Jay spent most of last week working on scheduling a flight coming in from Mildenhall. As a thank you, the crew invited us out to dinner with them at a local German restaurant in Kaiserslautern. Jay and I jumped at the chance for a nice meal since we had Gaga in town to babysit.
And guess who we got to have dinner with??!! The passengers on the plane were from an Armed Forces Entertainment trip headed to the middle east, starring Mario Andretti and Al Unser Jr! Of course, we got our pictures taken with them. As you can see, John was thrilled. :) LOL, Harry was quite jealous, especially after we showed him some youtube videos of the two drivers.

 Can't believe how big my little guy is getting! He's 4.5 months old already!

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