Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Peas and Haircuts

John had peas for the first time on Saturday. He was NOT a fan. LOL, his little expressions were sooo sad and pitiful (and hysterical!). I finally took pity on him and gave him apples instead, they were a much bigger hit!

 Emma and I finally were able to get in for a haircut on base. I think we're going to have to venture off next time, but we got the job done anyways. She was SO excited to have "big girl" time with mommy and sat and played on my iphone while I got mine cut. The haircut lady even put hers in a french braid- she looked SO grown up. Of course, the pretty braid only lasted about 10 minutes after we walked out of the salon, but she was beautiful and clean for those glorious 10 minutes...

She and I also went shopping a few weeks ago and H&M. I love that store- its right down the hill in Homburg and they have great clothes at great prices that she can wear. Because of her eczema, I have to be very careful what I buy for her, a high polyester count or low quality cotton makes her break out and actually bleed. Normally, I have to stalk the gap and gymboree's sales to afford clothes for her, but over here, we can just hop in the car and she can pick out what she likes! SO much fun for her and much easier for me. :) Plus, they're made in european sizes, which are by centimeter (first time I went shopping, I had to call home and have Jay measure the kids, then convert it into cm's!!) and fit her skinny little butt so much better. They work great for Harry too. :)

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Michelle said...

It's always so interesting to hear how different shopping (and life in general) is over in Europe!