Tuesday, January 18, 2011

365 Project Life

I recently started a Project Life book. I figure with living over here in Europe, how cool to be able to document every day with my family? On our PL message board, someone posted the thread to start us off on our journaling this week, and I thought I'd share. I really loved this concept.

The Allanah and Madeline Foundation Project - Children365 - encourages adults to make promises and declarations about their children for the year ahead.

3 reasons I love my children
6 ways they make me smile
5 things we will do together this year

1. They make me smile and give hope for the future.
They force me to slow down and pay attention to the little things in life, even if they're bugs.
Nothing is as cool as seeing yourself and your husband blended into a little person.

2. Their giggles.
Emma's stories.
John's snuggles and pure love for me.
Harry's innocence.
Their constant optimism and willingness to try new things.
Their total beauty and calm when sleeping. :)

3. Travel and see Europe!
Enjoy being with one another more and appreciate having Daddy home more.
Practice our German and French.
Concentrate on "our" family- the 5 of us and what is really important to US.
Be more spontaneous and willing to get out and "just do it!"

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