Monday, May 16, 2011

A Day in Cochem

On Saturday, we went to Cochem to see the city and the castle. It was stunning and SO beautiful. The castle is up on a hill on the Moselle River, it was just gorgeous! The castle was originally built around the year 1000. WOW!
The approach- a BIG hill!!

S and Emma in the courtyard

Emma and Heather :)

Harry was thrilled to find shining armor!

The kids thought it was hilarious to see behind the fake door- it was put in for symmetrical purposes.
Also, note the gorgeous Delft china in the hutch.
The kids got to find a hidden door, with a secret passageway beyond! VERY cool!
These were some of the first stained glass windows- they were made with the shields from the surrounding areas.

This was a mermaid made with antlers- if you rub her belly, its supposed to be Gute Gl├╝ck!

The hunting/trophy room

The kids found another hidden door

This one had a treasure chest inside!

Jay and the boys on the balcony, which had an amazing view! I definitely see why that was one of the reasons they built their castles up high!

John being a flirt :)

super cool wine bottles!

Stadt Cochem

The queen demanded Eis after her long hike up to the castle. :)

View of the castle and city beyond

tuckered out little princess!

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