Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some more Emma-isms....

My little firecracker has been full of sass lately. These are all I can remember right now, but man does she keep us on our toes!!

Emma, what do you think they're going to give you for a prize (for completing a short hike at a festival)?
Probably a pony. I like yellow ones.

Emma met "Dark Vader" at a picnic. She walks up to him and says "Hi Dark. I'm Emma."

Emma, are you being bossy?
No, I'm just telling you what to do.

She was very clear at what she wanted- some pink, lots of blue on her eyes, glitter all over and some polky-dots.

Daddy, I'm firsty (thirsty).
Emma, you're secondy.
Fine, you're stupid.
(Needless to say, she got in a LOT of trouble for that one, but it was hysterical!)

Waving to Dark from across the park. :)

I don't want any more brothers. Why can't you trade somebody and get me a sister?

I walked so far today that I deserve 3 ice creams. One strawberry or raspberry, one chocolate and one yellowish whitey vanilla.

I like when just us girls go places. We're prettier than the boys.

(While watching the Royal Wedding...)
I will marry that other boy prince. But I will make him change his name, cuz I don't like Harry. And I want a crown bigger than that girl's.

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Lisa LaGoo said...

somedays i just NEED to revisit this post. it's my favorite.