Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Updates

yeah, she looks a lot like me here... :)

 For Teacher Appreciation week, I made little cards with their pictures and tied them to some German chocolate bars. They were a big hit! :)

 Harry's class had a Mother's Day Tea. He insisted on wearing his suit and informed me that I needed to put a dress on so that I was "fancy." They sang a song, served us muffins and iced tea, and read us a story they had written called "If you give a Mom a Muffin."

 We headed to the Gartenschau again with our friends, Harry is so lucky to have another set of twin friends here in Germany! :)

All the kids riding the big swing- even poor Blake with his foot cast!

Emma stuck her headband on Johnny. Poor kid is doomed for years of torture...

We went to the Weihermühle for dinner for Mother's Day. We love going there- they have a huge play are; big fields to run in; cows, donkeys, ponies to feed; putt-putt cars; and a digger. The kids play and play while Jay and I can sit outside and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings. Eating outside is probably one of my absolute favorite things about living in Europe. It's so gorgeous and relaxing!

We found this amazing chapel on a hill on our way home from Baden-Baden last weekend, its called the Kriegergedächtniskapelle. I made Jay and the kids sit in the car while I shot a ton of pictures at sunset. Did I mention my Mother's Day present was an L glass?? :)

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