Thursday, October 4, 2007

Like Father, like Son

After his bath the other night, Harry decided he wanted to read with Daddy. Jay is studying for his ACSC and Harry is reading about tractors. Both very important subjects. :)

Harry kept looking up at Jay to make sure that he was still doing exactly what Daddy was doing.

He even had to be tucked into the covers like Daddy and up on the pillow. :)


lisa said...

this just cracks me up. you say he's all jay's, but i don't know... i distictly remember sleepovers sitting up VERRRRY late in bed... reading.

(and giggling.)

Jay and Jennifer Butterfield said...

yeah, he definitely gets the reading thing from both of us! The giggling might come from me... at least so far! He's got a new laugh today though, it's almost a cackle...