Tuesday, October 2, 2007

potty training vs. hide and seek???

Harry decided today that he wanted to use his potty like a big boy, ie: like Daddy. So, he took his pants off and sat on his potty. He then counted to 3, shouted All Done! and ran around. Mommy being the smart person she was left his diaper on because I knew he wasn't actually going to use the potty. However, I did make him hang out in the bathroom until he went to the potty in his diaper. He took this opportunity to play a great game of hide and seek. I thought these pictures were too cute!

He did finally go to the bathroom while sitting on his potty, so in the interest of positive reinforcement, he got one of the cookies that he and I had baked yesterday! This is him (still no pants!) eating his cookie and getting high fives from Daddy. :)

What a big boy!!!! (Notice how there aren't even any rolls on his little thighs anymore.... it makes me SO sad to see that.....)

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Shannon McDonald said...

Great idea for the blog! and so cute!!