Thursday, October 18, 2007


I planned on writing an update on how our little Emma is doing, but the truth is, all she does is SLEEP. :) She sleeps on Daddy, she sleeps on Mommy, she sleeps in her swing, and she sleeps in her cradle. Harry runs around the house yelling about cars and tractors and all those wonderful little boy things, and still Emma sleeps. Every so often she'll wake up and squawk if she wants to eat, so we feed her, and she falls asleep. Most of the time, before she finishes eating.
Harry is doing very well having his 'bee' at home. He doesn't understand that her name is Emma, but he calls her "Bee" and loves to give her kisses and rub her hair. We've only had to holler at him a few times to not shake the baby's cradle while she's sleeping. He's trying to help, and being a very good brother, he just doesn't understand how small she is. :)
Mommy is feeling very well- still a little sore and tired, but moving around very well and trying to get the house back in order. The boys made quite a mess being home for a few days by themselves!! hehe... Halloween is coming, so we have to get those punkins carved pretty soon. Harry is excited to wear his bawk-bawk suit, but doesn't understand about the candy yet. I think that should only take about two seconds for him to figure out though!! He definitely inherited a sweet tooth from someone...
Hope everyone is having a wonderful fall!!


lisa said...

i can't wait for pictures of the little bawk-bawk! what a cutie. i'm glad emma's been easy on you - thanks for the pics! keep 'em coming. :) love you's!

Anonymous said...

She's not looking so much like Harry anymore. Maybe she can have her own identity...being quiet and sleepy is a good start. I wish I had got Ayvrie a Backyardigans costume b/c she is still so crazy about them, but I found this adorable Monkey Monkey Suit it is. Glad to hear your feeling so great. Awesome!!! Hi to the family. Kisses to Harry from his EX.
Melissa- Keith

Leisy Family said...

I don't know if you had a c-sec with Harry but I had two with the boys and they suck!! Make sure you get lost of rest because one minute you are feeling great and then the next you want to die. I found this out the hard way!! Hope you are doing good and can't wait to meet little Emma she looks like a little doll