Sunday, October 28, 2007

Carving Punkins!

Well, today was the official "Pumpkin Carving Day." We hauled in the pumpkins we'd gotten from Green Bluff a few weeks ago and warmed them up. Jay and I gutted them and let Harry pick the patterns that he wanted. I found some awesome ones on, but he only picked out one of those. Harry and Daddy reading about Dowa and pumpkins last night before bed.

All ready to carve, Mom!

Emma didn't help much. Although, she did wake up and squawk a bit.

Harry with the finished products. He picked a kitty, the Dowa pattern, and a happy face. :) He wanted the Dowa on the little pumpkin, but her head was too big... hehe...

Mom's rockin' awesome Dowa pumpkin!!! This baby took forever- I picked the thickest pumpkin ever to carve the really thin slits into... not my brightest idea! It turned out pretty well though and hopefully will look awesome on our steps for Halloween!!


Lisa said...

nice dora! harry must have been so excited! i know a little girl who looks like her...

so, when are you planning to go to vancouver? i already forgot. i'll try to call soon!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the blog jenn! keep it up, and way to go with the dora pumpkin! i ended up reading a scary story while my friends carved a pirate into the pumkin i brought, and then i got lazy so i never finished the right eye, which makes it look like it is winking.

love yams, shannoooon