Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Heading to Minnesota!

I wanted to put a last post on here before we left- the Butterfields are all headed out of town for awhile! Jay is headed to ME in Las Vegas and the kiddos and I are off to Minnesota. Yup, I'm braving the hell of airplane travel with BOTH kids. I'll probably be ready for another vacation (by myself!) when I get back, but we found some cheap tickets and I jumped at the chance to show Emma off. :) For those of you in MN, give us a call at my Dad's or just stop by the house. We're excited to see everybody! We will all be back on the 16th of Dec, so look for some more posting then along with some great pictures!
Don't forget- Harry turns TWO on the 10th!!!! And Grandpa turns.......???..... on the 9th!! hehe....


This is Harry's reaction when I asked him if he wanted to fly on the airplane tomorrow!! Can't you just hear the high-pitched, "YEAH!"??

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