Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Snow Day!

Okay, I lied. One more post.
We got a few inches of snow last night and today, so I bundled Harry up and we went outside to play when Daddy got home from work. I tried to teach him to throw snowballs and ended up whopping him directly in the face. Twice. Oops! After that, he would yell, "Ball!", and then cover his face. Hehe.... His mittens were too big and his snowpants too small, but I think we had a pretty good time out there! At least after I convinced him that it was okay that the van was wet... ;)

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Anonymous said...

Ha! He looks so cute all bundled up. I bet he loves the snow. What a change from Tampa, right! Ayvrie got up the morning of our first snowfall and just stood in our kitchen looking out onto the deck for like 5 minutes. Now she stands at the window and says over and over..."I want some" We took her out in it the other day...but not for too long. Brrrrr...for some reason this cold is rattling my bones. Must be I thinned out in Tampa.