Thursday, February 28, 2008

Humpty Dumpty and WiggleWorm

We've swaddled both kids from the time that they were teensy. Harry decided he didn't want to be swaddled anymore at about 3 months, and Emma still loves it at 4 1/2 months! However, she loves to wiggle (just like her brother!) and can't seem to stay IN her swaddler! She actually wiggled out of her pants, her socks, and her blanket during her nap yesterday. She seems to think she's hilarious, also! :) We've been so blessed to have such wonderfully happy babies who love to sleep!

Harry learned about Humpty Dumpty at "school" yesterday. He goes to a "learning playdate" at his friends Thomas and Joshua's house on Tuesdays. I didn't realized how much he'd retained until he told Auntie Katie on the phone yesterday all about Humpty Dumpty. I figured I'd try and get it on video, and this is what we ended up with!

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Brian and Linda Holbrook said...

Emma makes me giggle...she is sooooooooo cute :)