Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Firsts- Carrots, School, and a Bikini!?!

Emma had carrots today. She absolutely loved them! You'd think she'd have liked the bananas more, but I guess my little one likes her veggies. :) Yay!
Harry had his first day of school today. His friends' (Thomas and Joshua) mom started a "Learning Playdate" at their home and we're going to learn letters and numbers and all those fun things. Harry had a blast and we learned the letter B today. As you can tell, he's full of Black paint in his hair and on his cheeks.

Harry and his friends are going to the pool again tomorrow, and I'm getting ready to let Emma swim, so I figured she should try on her bikini from Auntie Lisa. It has little ruffles on the butt and all around the top- it's absolutely the cutest thing! She was posing and giggling the whole time she wore it!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Love the bikini...so cute. In regards to the naked double doodles I have to agree there are some differences, but if you block out the face alone it's a close call. They certainly look a great deal alike. Does Emma have red hair? It looks a little reddish in all her pics. She's a pumpkin anyway you slice it. We miss you guys. CALL ME!!!