Friday, February 15, 2008

More pictures and a Harry video

Harry went to the pool on Weds. with Thomas and Josua. He did such a good job "fimming" and even went under the water by himself!!! No water wings in the baby pool anymore!!!! :)

The weather is really warming up (like 40's) so Harry and I dug out his trike and tried to learn to pedal. He has a hard time going all the way around, he likes to pedal with one side and then reverse and then pedal that side again. We'll get there!! :)

And for the video.... I'm not sure if I did this right or not, so let me know if it works!!!

This is Harry NOT playing soccer. Jay tried to get a video of him riding his bike, playing soccer, or just about anything, and all he wanted to do was run around in the driveway. Can you hear the clip-clops of his little boots???

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Lisa said...

how cute! what a funny little video. :) i'm so glad he's a little swimmer... what a great sport. ;)