Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My little Broncos...

I took the kids out for a walk on Saturday. I figured since Ga-ga had a hockey game that night, the kids could wear their Bronco hats. And Harry ALWAYS wears his jersey on game days! Sadly, the team got a bad break on Saturday night and lost 3-1, but they had a wonderful season of 23-4. Go Broncos!!! This is Harry telling Emma to kiss him. Can you tell how thrilled Emma was??? hehe...
He was excited to go outside!!

"Yeah, I'm handsome. What's your point?"

Emma thought getting all bundled up was hilarious!

Daddy put a bow in Doodle's hair to make her brown outfit look a little more girly. I can just see her thinking, "Uh, Daddy, this isn't how Mommy does it!"

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Anonymous said...

Hehe! I love all these pictures. The last one of Em looks like she's praying...or posing as an angel. We miss all of you and hope to get us all together again sometime after the bambino arrives.
PS...had a 4d ultra the other day. Let's just say this one doesn't look like Keith. There's hope for me yet. Yipee!!!