Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Day at the Park and a New Dragon

Harry and Jay went to Mobius this morning and then we all went to the Riverfront Park to feed the ducks, ride the carousel, and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. It got up to 52 degrees today!! Jealous??? :P
Emma and I went shopping today while the boys played at Mobius (the Children's Museum). She had a full-out tantrum at Macy's while I was trying to buy her some sundresses. Being that she likes to "clutch" things in her tiny little paws, I handed her a few stuffed animals to keep her quiet. She threw them all back at me, except this monster hot pink dragon. She immediately put him in her mouth and refused to let go. It appears we have our first favorite! :)

She likes to suck on her fingers. :) She also got the Butterfield family's red cheeks- aren't they cute?
Can you see all the drool from sucking on the dragon? The poor thing had to have its head wrung out on the drive home!!

She's SO happy!!


Anonymous said...

She's absolutely adorable. I'm glad she throws tantrums for you in the middle of department stores. She's demonstrating her female powers. Got your txt...and yea yea I know I need to get busy with blogging again. I've just had one nightmare after another with I'm gun shy. Anyhow...We miss you guys.

Lisa said...

good choice, emma!

that's so funny - she knows what she wants. :)