Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Pictures!

These are out of order time-wise, but I figured I'd just post a TON of pictures from our Easter! Harry got a bubble gun from the Easter Bunny in his basket. He kept thinking that it was Santa that brought all his stuff though and said "Santa Bunny."
Hunting for Eggs at our house. Yup, those are his pj's.

Easter morning at the Butterfields! :)
Doodle-bop wore the ears. It's becoming a tradition!
Harry says, "Candy. Niiiiiiccccceeeee."
Emma at the egg hunt on base. Isn't she cute?
Harry and Susy before the 3-5 yr old egg hunt. He looks 3, right? Jay was slllooowwwww getting out of the house and we completely missed the 0-2 hunt. Whoops!
Harry checking out his "loot" from the Egg Hunt at Kari's.
Harry finding eggs in the snow at Kari's.
Amy helping Harry find eggs.
Emma and Mommy at the egg hunt!
Harry and Natalie eating yummy cake after the hunt was over!
One of the ladies from my Mommy and Me group organized a fabulous egg hunt at her house. She filled over 450 eggs for all the kids to find!! Yay Kari!!! :)
Thomas, Joshua, Harry, and Jordan at Playdate at Amber's. They made bunny ears- aren't they cute??
Harry and mommy doing the Jelly Bean Prayer. :) Not many jelly beans made it in the baggie...

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Lisa said...

my favorite part of all of this is "candy... niiiice..."

made my day.