Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood....

Harry and his friends Thomas and Joshua went swimming at the base pool again today. They discovered that they're tall enough to sit on their bottoms on the deep end of the little pool. :P We had a field trip to the fire station at our "learning playdate" this week. Harry, Jordyn, Tylia, Titus, Thomas, and Joshua all had a great time!

Harry's favorite parts were the lights and the HUGE tires!

Joshua and Harry playing with the play-dough.

Harry and I played outside all afternoon today while Emma took a LONG nap. He insisted on eating his pbj sandwich outside too. :)

We practice pedaling his bike. He's getting better!

We pulled out the Johnny Jumper for Emma today, too. She LOVES it! She was a bit "shocked" when we first put her in it, but Harry talked her through it and now she gets mad when we have to take her out!

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Brian and Linda Holbrook said...

Glad to see we got the Johnny Jumper back to you...I thought for sure Brian had just put it in the garage or something :)