Monday, March 24, 2008

Amy's visit!

Amy finally came to visit!!! It was so nice to see her and she finally got to meet Emma, which was great. I definately enjoyed having another girl around the house, especially one who's known Jay as long as I have and can tease him right back. :) Harry was SOO sad to see her leave today- he kept yelling, "Amy get back in Harry's car right now!" the whole way home from the airport. Poor kid doesn't understand why people keep going back to the airport. Amy and Harry at the park in Medical Lake. It's SO pretty there!
Harry and Amy slow-dancing on Easter. Harry gets his romantic skills from his dad, I think.... :P

Emma all bundled up for the park. We brought bread for the ducks, but for some odd reason, they won't come near Harry!! hehe... And yes, we do have to bring Emma a stuffed animal everywhere we go. She loves to "clutch" things in her little paws at all times!
Harry picking out letters. He's SOO smart!

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