Sunday, June 29, 2008

My little Fishies!

Yesterday we went to Lewiston, ID to the Jack O'Connor Museum. He's Ga-ga's favorite outdoors writer and sportsman, so when we found out that they had made a museum in his honor, we promised Ga-ga that we would get there whenever he came to visit. The kids did very well in the car, at least until the very end! The museum was very interesting and well worth the trip. When we got home, we threw both kids in the pool in the yard and let them burn off a little steam.
Monkeys in the yard
Today, we went to Clear Lake and played at the beach for awhile. It's so pretty there and so uncrowded- we just love it!
Emma and Ga-ga
Ems in her raft
Harry and Ga-ga
Emma conked out ON the table before we left.

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