Tuesday, February 3, 2009

200th post!

So, this is my 200th post. :) Quite an accomplishment, I hadn't realized I'd been doing this that long.
 Anyways, I finally got back on my computer with all the pictures and spent some time uploading. Its such a long frustrating process to get things off of this now that I just hate doing it. On top of that, I have been SICK again with this baby Tree. I don't remember being this exhausted or this sick with the other two. Jay's been a champ, bringing me water, chips, and TONS of ginger ale. He's also been on dinner duty most of the time since the sight of raw meat is not pleasant. Other than his spaghetti (to which he added stewed tomatoes?!) last night, he's made some delicious meals that the kids and I have enjoyed. 
I had my first OB appt last week. They were unable to hear the heartbeat, but it was still early, so I wasn't concerned. UNTIL I got home and started reading my friends' blogs. Apparently FIVE people I know have lost their babies in the last 2 weeks. That kinda freaks me out- okay, a LOT freaks me out. The nurse practitioner said that I could come in this week to check again if I wanted, so I"m debating that, but I have an ultrasound scheduled on the 20th, and we're in Hawaii from the 9-17th, so I haven't decided if I should just wait and be positive or freak out and drag the kids into the office again. ARGH.

I finally downloaded the pictures from Stars on Ice too: thanks Rhenda for a few of the candids! :)

We also got a new kitty! My friend Kait wanted him out, and being that he loved my little Doodle, we took him in! :) His name is Dwight, but he goes by many other titles here at the Butterfields. Harry refers to him as "THE Dwight" in a reverant voice. Jay calls him "Dewey," and Emma (mimicking Jay, as if there was anything different) calls him "Doodey." The poor kitty doesn't care, he's just thrilled when we pay attention to him. He's SO incredibly tolerant of the kids, I"m honestly more worried about Emma smothering him than anything else. 

In other news: my Wii Fit and Jay's (and Harry's!) Mario Kart arrived yesterday. Apparently, there's a way to link them, so if you haven't already, sent us your Wii numbers or something. Jay can explain it better. :)

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Linda Holbrook said...

Ugh, Jenn...I'll be praying for you. It's still early, and I'm sure the baby is just fine!! Especially since you've been so sick. :(

Wii Fit AND MarioKart rock!! We haven't gone online with ours yet, but I'll let you know if we do.