Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Emma Snuggles and Harry Does Gymnastics!

Last night, Emma kept coming up to Jay on the couch and pulling on his arm. He finally obliged and got up with her and let her lead him. Apparently, she wanted him to snuggle with her in HER bed. She covered him up with a blankie and then started her version of "snuggling." There are some cute pictures (Jay does NOT fit in a toddler bed!! lol) and I'm hoping this video will load....

Harry started Gymnastics today. We signed him up on base- he'll go every Weds for 45 minutes and his friend Anna is in his class. He's SO excited that she's there. He kept saying, "and I flipped, and ANNA was there too!" I think he has a little crush... :) The kids did the balance beam, "log rolling" down a pad, back somersaults off a pad (with teacher's help!), and even got to do FLIPS on the bars at the end of class. Obviously, that was the best part for my little fellow. I'm hoping that video will load as well. 
Also, I created a poll: at the top right, there's a poll as to what sex you think Baby Tree is. I voted already, so you'll just have to guess what I think! Although, I have been right on with the first two monkeys, but you'll have to buy me ice cream to get it out of me this time!! :)

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Michelle said...

Hey Jen! I had a quick question about the layout of your blog. How did you get your lilypie tickers to go underneath the scrapblog photo? I can't seem to figure it out!?! Help =)