Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Warning: Very picture heavy post!
On Saturday, we headed off to Metz, France with the Putty family. We threw Harry, Emma, Joshua (5) and Jacob (3), with Jay and Brad in our black Honda Pilot, while Christy and I took Evelyn (7 months) and John (6 months) in her black Honda Pilot. I'm sure we made quite a sight traveling down the autobahn, but boy did we have FUN! :)

Christy and I also managed to find a Cora on the way home and stocked up on wine, chocolate croissants, and fraise tartelettes. YUMMY!!!

Inside the Saint-Stephen Cathedral

Emma and Joshua ogling the stained glass windows.

The massive organ and the windows

outside of the front of the Cathedral

Deciding where to go next, Saint Jacques Square

A "food court," European style 

Yes, it's STILL Mustache March.

Harry probably could use a lesson in blending in!

Emma has learned to wink- watch out, world!

The Temple Neuf Church on Petit Soulcy Island

The kids inhaling beignets from a patisserie 

running laps in the Jardin d'Amour to work off their beignets!

The Temple Neuf was surrounded by purple gates- they were so unusual and gorgeous!

The kids playing hide and seek in the facade


Rachel S. said...

What a fun trip!

Christy said...

chocolate croissants - HA!