Thursday, March 17, 2011

Multitude of Attitude, Minimum of Fashion Sense

 Oh, my sweet girlita.
The best part of these pictures is that she's wearing pants. Why is that a big deal, you wonder? Well, her sweet father let me sleep in on Tuesday (durned migraines!) and got the kids dressed and off to school by himself. Thank God for my wonderful husband!
However, being a male, he failed to realize that the sheer tutu skirt his daughter insisted on wearing required pants/tights/something other than green striped panties underneath! I was mortified when I picked her up at school that afternoon and was informed that she and her striped panties were the highlight of everybody's day. She, of course, was oblivious, and was simply thrilled that she conned Daddy into letting her wear her tutu to school!
Wearing her bomber hat backwards. This is how the true hoodlums do it, I'm told.

I think she was trying to see if I'd let her mix and match everything she owned!

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Jaime @ Our Journey said...

I told Al about it when he came home from work Thurs. :o)