Friday, March 18, 2011

First Day of Soccer!

This past Monday was Emma's first day of soccer and Harry's first this season. They are signed up for a few months with a soccer pro on Landstuhl Post. Emma is on the 3-4 year old team with her friend Jacob; and Harry is on the 5-6 year old team with his friend Joshua. And, of course, John and Evy come along to cheer! It worked out great having all the kids together, they play when its not their turn and have a friend on their team. Harry also will have games on Saturday mornings starting next week!

bummed that her practice was over

I *may* have told her that they wouldn't let her on the team if she didn't have pigtails. 

Harry scoring one of his many goals- he ran over and hugged me after each one!

I think having his tongue out helps him run faster, right?

#1 Fan!

outrunning his opponent. I seriously couldn't believe how fast he is! Now, if he could just work on ball control... 

He was SO excited when he saw this picture- he says its his "action man" shot!

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