Sunday, September 14, 2008

Even more Fair Fun!

Yesterday, Amber and Dan got extra free family packs to the fair, so they kindly invited us to come along. The boys had a fabulous time and we also had a great time- Jay and I both said on the way home how nice it is to hang out with a family that we ALL genuinely like! Thanks again Domrese's!!! All the kids were troopers and we were able to stay past 9 pm. I was especially impressed with Emma- even though she's too little to ride anything, she was still happy and pleasant. :)
Harry and Jay on the airplanes- he wanted to ride the pink one!!

Joshua and Jenn on the yellow plane!

Joshua and Harry on the motorcycle
Ems and Mr. Dan
All the boys driving the classic cars! :) They loved this one!
Harry riding the llama- Joshua has been talking about the "mama's" for a few days now, so we all finally sucked it up and paid the $4 so they could ride. They loved it even though it really didn't look all that exciting. ;)

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