Thursday, September 11, 2008

Park Fun

Last night we headed out for a family night. We'd intended to go to the fair, but realized that tonight (Thurs) is military free night, so we changed our plans. We went to Red Robin and had a delicious dinner outside. Harry ate almost an entire cheeseburger, which is his new favorite meal. Besides oatmeal, that is. :) I swear he's going through a major growth spurt- he's averaging 4 bowls of oatmeal plus 3 major meals and a few granola bars every day. I can tell his pants are tighter in the tummy, but I'm still waiting for the height spurt that I'm sure is coming!

Anyways, so we headed to a park in the Valley. The light was great, and I got some fun pictures of Ems playing in the grass. She just loves to play when she has someone's full attention. She does of course, still eat the rocks at the park, so we have to keep a close eye on her. ;) She's walking pretty well now, doing about 10 steps at a time, but only if we cheer for her and tell her she's pretty. Jay and I spent almost 45 minutes the other night trying to get a video of her walking, but between her stubborness and Harry's desire to have HIS video taken, we got nothing. I will keep trying though!

This video is of Ems having her "tantrum." She's a great faker and can really turn it on when she wants to. Jay kept telling her NO when she'd put rocks in her mouth and she'd fuss and yell and pout, and then just turn it off when something else caught her eye. You can see as soon as the kid behind her says "toy," she's completely done and all the red even fades out of her cheeks! It drives Jay insane that she does this!!

This one is of Ems clapping. You can tell she expects everybody around her to start clapping and cheering with her. Forgive the hair, she ripped out her pigtails and it still sticks out even without the ties... :P


Kait Toompas said...

How old is Emma now? She's so adorable. I'm so insanly jealous when other people's babies have hair... especially when they're boys... they don't need hair! :)

Trippleaaa said...

Those are some cute videos of the kiddos. I don't believe we've met yet. I'm sure there will be a meet-up sometime when I can meet you guys! I love the video with Emma throwing the tantrum, I'm glad that we have awhile for Aidan to be doing that!