Friday, September 12, 2008

The Fair!

Yesterday was "military free" day at the Spokane County Fair, so we headed on over. We weren't sure how the kiddos were going to do, but they did great. Ems was a little frustrated that she couldn't do any of the rides, but she loved the lights and the music, so she was happy for the most part. Harry did great- he went on all the rides that he was tall enough for. I really wanted to take him on the ferris wheel, but he was too short for both of them and the flying airplanes, which HE really wanted to ride. Interestingly enough, he WAS tall enough for the Scrambler? I didn't really understand that, but whatever.

This is Emma's "why won't you let me out of this stroller and onto the rides?" face!

They strapped him so tightly to the motorcycles, I didn't think he could breathe!

Ems waiting patiently. :)

Daddy and Harry feeding the llamas

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