Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We love Fall!

Today was an absolutely beautiful afternoon. The kids and I played outside for a few hours- Emma's finally walking well in the grass, except when she gets going down the hill in the backyard. ;) Harry kept trying to talk her into riding in the wagon with him, but she just wasn't falling for it. She did enjoy pushing around the lawnmower though!

Emma wiped out yesterday at Amber's house- she smashed her little nose right into their train table drawer. We thought it was going to be much worse, even considered a broken nose, but she seems to have recouperated nicely. This one and her facial bruises, I tell ya! Every time one starts to fade, she manages to make another one, and each one is much worse than the last. Not sure what we're going to do with her! I'd planned on getting some 1 year photos done in the next few weeks, but I can't plan on having a bruise-free baby!!!

Harry made an "H"!!! I'm SOOO proud of him!!!

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Kait Toompas said...

One year pictures wouldn't be quite right without some major facial injuries. On our way to get Sam's one year picture he took a dive off our front step and cut open his chin and had skid marks on his cheek. It worked out well though - we used a football back ground sort of as a joke. ;)