Friday, March 20, 2009

Butterfield Family Updates

1. Harry is potty trained. This is my #1, since it means no more diapers for at least one of my children! WHOO-HOO!! He does still use one at night, but that's more for my peace of mind, since he's waking up dry about every other night and I'm not sure he's ready for nighttime yet.

2. Emma is communicating!! She does the signs for kitty, more, hungry, and some form of milk/drink. She's also saying a few more words again (she says things, and then stops, and then learns new words, so we don't exactly know what she knows at any given moment), including 'no,' which I'm less than thrilled about, but she says it in this silly little girl voice, so its actually pretty cute. At least for now. We have her 18 month appt in a few weeks, so we'll get her evaluated again, but I'm hopeful that she's just THAT stubborn and they are no developmental problems.

3. I had my 2 week post-surgery dr appt this morning. Everything healed perfectly and we've been given the go-ahead to get pregnant again. As for when I'm emotionally ready, that varies by day. Somedays (like today) I want to get pregnant immediately; however, other days, I'd like to wait a few years! Granted, those days are usually when the two I currently have are behaving at their worst and/or are sick and I'm considering giving them away, let alone having more.

4. We put in for our assignments. We'd like to head overseas this time, it looks great for Jay's career, plus we'd be able to get a staff tour in, which is preferable at this point. We're also still hoping that we'll get picked up for school in Alabama for a year, and then do our staff tour, but we'll take it either way. We have a couple state-side options that we'd love to do as well, and only a few places that we'd like to avoid (cough, cough, Altus), so we're hopeful and looking forward to the next stage. It looks like we'll move next summer, but we'd be open to going sooner. 

5. We're STILL trying to figure out if/where we're each going for the May trips. My sister graduates on the 8th in Minnesota and Jay's cousin Casey is getting married on the 9th in California. The original idea was to split up, but that became an issue as to which kids we would each take and still hasn't been successfully negotiated. Then new developments arose with the Butterfield side, so we were debating all heading to CA for family time. And now, Jay's had more stuff come up at work, plus he had to take leave to be with me the last few weeks, so we're not sure if he can go anywhere, so plans changed again. Please bear with us, we're working hard on trying to figure this out so that it works for us. I know where you all stand (obviously everybody wants us to come see them!), we just have to figure out what's best for OUR family.

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MOMSWEB said...

Thanks for the updates! It's been a joy getting to know you! Potty Trained!!! Yeah Baby!!!