Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finally some pictures!

So, Jay and I got Skype up and running again. We both have accounts, but since my computer is kablooeyed, we've been using his. We had an awesome video chat with the Butterfield grandparents on Sunday night! Emma got to play peek-a-boo and Harry showed off his airplanes, so it was great. If anybody else has skype, email us and we'll send you our user name or I think you can look us up by our email address? Its the Juno one.... ;)
I have my surgery tomorrow morning. My friend Kait offered to watch the kids so that Jay could come with me, thank God for friends! It's her son Sam's 4th birthday too, so Harry is excited for that- the kid just LOVES birthdays and they don't even have to be his! He has Sam's tomorrow, Auntie Katie's on Monday, and Anna's on Saturday, so this will be a fun week for him. :) I'm a little nervous about the surgery, but so far everybody has said that its nothing compared to taking the Cytotec pills at home and I've done that twice so far, so this should be a breeze, right? :P I'm sure it won't be quite that simple, but I'm looking forward to being done with the process at least. I'll be at Sacred Heart (the local Catholic hospital) for the morning and should be home by early afternoon. Wish us luck!
Harry finally got to drive his Viper this weekend- Jay took the kids outside to drive their cars. Emma LOVED cruising with her big brother.  Harry had a really hard time figuring out how to steer- he crashed into the neighbor's house and took off his rear view mirror! (hehe-wonder who he got that from???!!!) But once he figured it out, he did awesome. Jay took him out again yesterday and let him cruise around the basketball courts across the street and he did much better with a little instruction and no little sister to bug him. :) 

We also made homemade pizzas on Sunday night. Jay and Harry picked up the stuff for them and he let both kids help make them at home. Harry had a blast, but Ems was much more interested in the final product. ;)

I just had to throw this one in there- Emma made a colossal mess of herself today eating her mac n cheese at lunch. I had to give her a bath since she had so much caked in her hair and all over herself that it was easier than trying to wipe her down!


Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

Wishing you a smooth and pain free surgery tomorrow! I will check on you after work!

coco-ono said...

I've been prayign for you and I will continue. I like your new background by the way!