Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

I thought I'd give this a run today. :)

1. Emma says "Wheeeee" now. Its cute and doesn't only apply to going down the slide in the backyard, its used for driving cars, running fast, and bouncing. :) And sometimes just because she's cute.

2. We've been swimming at the pool on base the last 2 days. The kids and I are completely chlorine-ed out and exhausted. I think its baths and bed early tonight for all three of us!

3. We joined the Y. I pushed Jay into joining again (we were members in Tampa) since I can't seem to lose this baby weight and they have free daycare, which in itself is tempting. *wink*

4. I have mild PPD again. Since we're trying to get pregnant right away AND I hate taking pills, I'm trying to avoid having to take an antidpressant and just doing it the "natural way." That means lots of sunshine and exercise, so if you see a pissed off lady crying while walking down the street, its probably just me. Also, please bear with me if I'm grouchy at playdates. It's not about you, its about me and I'm dealing with it, it just takes me a few weeks. I had this after Emma and it only lasted a month or so, so I think I'm on the downside of the hill anyways...

5. Harry is learning to ride his bike. Its super cute, but it took a few times before Jay convinced him that it doesn't have a "on button" and he actually had to pedal the whole time.  Also, when we tried his bike helmet on him, we realized that it was WAY too small, so Emma inherited a  blue one, and Harry and I headed out for a new one. He picked out a hideous green army-looking thing, but what surprised me was that he needed the ages 5+ size! Yup, my just-barely-3 year old wears a 5+ helmet. Gives you new respect for my having birthed the kid, huh? :P

6. I made my first diaper cake! My friend Amber had her shower this weekend and I figured it was as good a time as any to attempt it. I tried using several different methods, but the one I settled one worked best and if I do say so myself, it turned out really cute!!! 
*Note the twin lambs on the top!!

7. I signed up to be on the Leapfrog Opinion Panel. I'm excited, it lets me post opinions and take surveys based on the products that we own and/or I've tried. Both my kids LOVE our Tag reader, so I was thrilled to see that they're developing a similar system for ages 1-4. Emma is totally getting one when they come out!!

8. I'm loving doing my new Life of Juanita Bonita Blog. Its so fun to get to post a little more about me and the things that I love. :) Although, its harder to come up with ideas than I thought... if anybody has something they'd like to see, let me know!!

9. We love Bolt at our house. I think we've watched it 10 times since we bought it last week. :) Jay and I are in love with the hamster and Ems and Harry like the puppy. Now, if only we could convince Daddy that all puppies are that well behaved... hmmm....

10. My friend is having her twins in the next few weeks- she's 9 days from when her boy twins were born and now she's having GIRLS. I can't hardly BREATHE waiting to love and snuggle these girls, they're such a blessed family. :) I'm working on a crafty little thing for their room, but she needs to figure out names and then I can finish them! Hear that, Amber??!!

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Domrese Family Blog said...

Names are Kaitlyn and Molly. We're working on middle names now...suggestions anyone? I like Kaitlyn Elizabeth and Molly Ruth, but Kaitlyn Joanne (Dan's mom's middle name) is also floating around. Thoughts?