Monday, March 9, 2009


We, of course, had to take Auntie to Raptor Reef. Since we have a birthday party next Sat and Jay will be at work all week (finally!) we figured we should go yesterday. Everybody had a blast and I got some great reading in as I'm still unable to swim. I have more pictures on my other camera, so keep checking back for those. Ems managed to fall headfirst down the waterslide by herself not one, but TWO times! Luckily, the first time, Katie was at the bottom helping Harry out, so she caught her, but the second time, Jay had to dive down after her! They had been playing at the top with the squirt guns and Ems just decided it was waterslide time. :) She's definitely going to be our little ruckus child. We've always joked that she's destined to be a stock car driver or a stunt pilot, but I think our predictions are getting closer and closer!

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