Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Day of School!!

Harry started preschool today! My big boy was headed out for his first day at the "big boy school." I took endless pictures at home and at school when he first go there until he told me "mom, I'm not smiling for any more of your pictures!" (I probably took too many, but I have tons of first day pictures from my childhood and wanted to do the same!)

All dressed and ready- he's had his clothes picked out for a week now!

By his cubby

By his table spot

Emma was VERY VERY upset. Like big alligator tears. I really expected to cry myself, but was so busy taking care of her that I didn't get a chance! I did cry when he got home and told me about his day. Apparently, they read two stories (one about an owl who went to school without his mom- "just like US!") and one about Buzz Lightyear; talked about airplanes; and he made a friend with a boy who had numbers on his shirt. We're really working with him about learning people's names, he generally calls people "Hey Red Shirt" and expects that to suffice. Emma howled the whole way to a coffee playdate with a few other "one-child-gone" moms until I told her she was going to be able to see Rhenda (who is her favorite person on earth, besides Jay!) and then she calmed down. It probably didn't help that we dropped off Jay right after Harry and she felt a little lonely. :( When it was FINALLY time to pick him up, she ran up to him at the school screaming "MY Harry, MY HARRY!!" His teachers were laughing so hard, it was adorable.

My little dumplings :)

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