Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun at the Fair!!!

Last night at the Spokane Fair was free admission for military and their families. So, of course we headed out to take advantage! It was pretty hot when we got there, so we roamed the animal barns first. We saw lots of animals pooping and lots and lots of chickens, bunnies, cows, pigs, pigeons, and cattle (steer?) plus some monstrous fruits and vegetables. Harry decided that we should get Emma a bunny for her birthday and he wants a homing pigeon for his birthday. Uhhh, no.
But then we had some dinner- love fair food!- and headed over to the rides, which were a big hit. I was concerned that Ems wouldn't be tall enough to ride some of them, but she's apparently grown AGAIN and is now 37" which was a full inch over the height requirement. At this rate, she'll end up taller than Jay!! hehe...

Harry and Anna by the giant pumpkins

Emma driving the cars

Harry and Ems on the motorcycles

LOVING the teacup ride- their squeals and shrieks were probably the loudest of anybody that has ever ridden it, they just kept feeding off each other and spinning faster and faster!! Jay and I laughed SO hard from the sidelines. :)

Jay and Doodle on the swings- she thought it was SO cool that she could ride with Daddy. :) Harry and I rode together, but of course, Jay didn't think to take any pictures. :(

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