Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Picture updates!

I keep hoping that fall is finally coming to Spokane, but apparently not. We had a few GREAT 60-70 degree days last weekend, but its supposed to be back up to 90 again by this weekend. Pull out the shorts again!! :) School is going well, Harry loves it. Emma does NOT. The kids have little tables they sit at next to their nametags when they get there and they have quiet time playing with an activity while they wait for everybody to get there. Emma happened to notice that one of the girls in Harry's class was named Emma (she was even at his table!) and sat down at her chair and said, "I Emma. I STAY school today. I be with Harry." BIG meltdown when it was leaving time. :( I ended up taking her for an apple juice and a blueberry muffin at Starbucks on Tuesday after we dropped off Harry, but she wailed the whole time. She kept saying "I miss Harry, I school today." After we FINALLY picked him up (2 1/2 hrs later!), we got in the car and she says, "okay, I happy now. Harry's here." I'm still looking for an activity for her to do while he's at school, I was thinking a mommy and me gymnastics or swimming or something, but nothing seems to be working out. Although, there is a lot of stuff on Wednesdays, not that it helps us out at all. :(
Anyways, more pictures to keep you remembering how beautiful these small children are:
Harry on the way home from Pig Out in the Park.

Giggle girl riding bike with Daddy


Day #2 of school- notice how Emma is clinging to him!!?? :)

Emma peed on the potty again! I'm still not ready to train her, I feel like we just got done training Harry (its only been 6 months!). Plus, we really pushed him and I feel like that was part of why it took him so long. So, we're going to encourage and support her when she wants to go, but not push her. At least not yet. She's been sneaking into the bathroom when somebody (ahem, Jay) leaves the door open, takes her diaper off, and uses the potty. Clever girl!!

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MOMSWEB said...

Glad I dropped by today! I can't believe I wasn't following you! It reminds me to drop by more often. Have a great weekend!