Friday, October 23, 2009

Dentist, parties, and Munkins

Emma had her first dentist appointment on Weds. She did awesome! She loved getting to sit on the stool by Harry and "help" clean his teeth.

She also clearly loved her sunglasses! LOL

Harry had his school pictures yesterday. He picked this outfit out for our Christmas pictures and insists that it's his "business guy clothes." He also insisted on wearing it for pictures. Who am I to argue??!! :)

Kids at a Chuck E Cheese birthday party. I have to admit watching Amber watch the Chuck E People clean and organize and wrangle the kids, its mighty tempting to have Harry's there! He's been asking for a "race track birthday," but I'm not exactly sure how I"m going to do that in December??!!

We carved our "munkins" the other night. It was.... interesting??
Harry dug in. WITH a spoon. This went well for a few minutes.
Until the goop actually touched him. Then Daddy added to the situation by rubbing pumpkin goop on his tummy. As you can see, this simply enraged him. NOT a pretty sight!!

Emma, on the other hand, dug so far in, we thought she was going to fall in! LOL, she's our tomboy, I guess!!

The finished products- note the flame eyes and the kitty.

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Michelle said...

LOVE Harry's outfit! What good taste he has =)