Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Halloween Party and a Hockey Game!

We had Jay's squadron Halloween party on Friday afternoon. The kids all dressed up and visited each office for trick or treating. It was loads of fun, but some of the guys overestimated the kids and got really really scary. Emma was not impressed with the fog machine, and after somebody jumped out and grabbed at Jay wearing a ghoulish mask, she was absolutely DONE. We took her into the main area where we had the potluck and gave her a few pieces of candy, and she forgot all about it!

Last night was Military Appreciation night at the Spokane Chief's game. We normally can't stand these games, so much more of a fight league than an actual hockey team, it drives me nuts to go and have the only cheering happening for fights. It makes me REALLY REALLY miss the great hockey we used to see in Grand Forks. However, we were bored and the kids don't know the difference, so we all suited up and headed out. The kids both wore their Bronco jerseys from Ga-ga John. Emma thought this was the best thing EVER. She ran around yelling "boo-yah Broncos!!" before we left the house.
When we got to the game, they were handing out 'cheer sticks,' which in reality, are blow up bats. The kids (and Jay!) had a great time bashing each other around during intermissions. The poor guys in front of us also took quite a beating, but they'd had a few beers and when Emma does her giggle, its really hard to be mad at her!
We ended up leaving just as the 3rd period started. Harry tripped somehow and smashed his chin into the upturned edge of the chair he was sitting in and bloodied up his chin pretty badly. Every time that kid has worn a hockey jersey, he's gotten blood on it. Not sure if that's good or bad luck!! No permanent damage, and it was after 9 already anyways, so we headed out. Good times had by all, despite the crappy hockey.


Domrese Family Blog said...

I'd love to defend Spokane and the Chiefs, but in this case, I can't. I would love to see a real hockey game. I cannot stand going to games and cheering for young kids to beat the tar out of each other and that's it. I want to see some actual athleticism! It's one area of sports Spokane really lacks.

Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

love Emma's video!