Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Fall Fun!

We spent a wonderful few days outside this weekend. We hit up the Finch (again!) on Friday hoping to find their leaf pile (apparently its going to be another week or two :( ), but got some cute pictures of Emma and Anna. Harry refused to cooperate, he's quite a stubborn crabapple the last week or so again. Better behaviour, just poor attitude, I guess.
Also, I really enjoyed these pictures from 1 year ago this week... :)

We also did Greenbluff and got our "munkins." We carved them up tonight, and I did take pictures, but I still want to get some better ones of the "final product" tomorrow morning, so you'll just have to be patient for those!!

he loved driving the tractors!!!

Harry got a squash/gourd and was THRILLED


Mems trucking along....

Grumpiest kid on the planet!

biggest leaf EVER!!! (he looks like he has 3 heads, but its really just Anna standing directly behind him!! LOL)

Emma cannot get over the fact that she can't pee on a tree. Poor girl... gonna be a long time waiting!! LOL

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