Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Just going to do photo highlights tonight, I'm too beat to do any serious typing! The kids had a BLAST today. Emma finally got the hang of the trick or treating thing, but repeatedly told everybody "Happy Birfday HollyWEEN!" She's still getting her holidays straight, apparently... :)

In their halloween shirts

playing at the park- we had a gorgeous day today!

flying the airplane at the park

at the haunted house at the library

backyard :)

cutest cow EVER!!

All ready to head out trick or treating!!!

Emma headed up to a house... she did great and REFUSED to let me help her with her bucket!

Harry and Anna headed out!

Their lanterns made a super cool effect once it got dark!

They each got a few pieces while we were handing out candy when we got home! :)

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