Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Pictures!

We headed out to the Finch yesterday for our annual Fall pictures! I think they turned out pretty nicely, don't you?? :)
**on a side note, this is post 300! Wowza!!!**

Harry posing nicely
Emma's so pretty!

Jay and Ems


Emma Beth

Harry posing nicely!

love them being sweet!

cute shot :)

Me with my monkeys :)

Kids overlooking the waterfall


Kim said...

Too cute! I love fall pictures at Finch! How were the ground squirrels? They were bad last time I was there. :( But it looks much more gorgeous now!

MOMSWEB said...

Hey there! Glad I dropped by today. You already know how much I love your pictures and these are just as beautiful.

Together We Save said...

Great pictures!! That water fall is beautiful. Wonderful place to get some great pictures.