Sunday, April 13, 2008

Emma's First Picnic!

Emma went to her very first picnic today. It got into the 70's today, so we decided to take advantage and go to the park in Medical Lake that we love. We met our friends, the Holbrooks, there too. We had a great time! :) Emma loves being out in the sunshine and Harry loves to be outside doing just about anything!
My beautiful family. :)
Emma and Susy

Harry figured out how to climb the "wall" at the park today. I've been trying to keep him off it, but he did really well and is SO proud of himself when he gets up there. He says the Dora, "I did it!" when he does it. :)

Susy and Jay
Harry and Daddy

Harry saw a bald eagle today and identified it himself!! Yay for Zaboomafoo!! (It's a show on PBS that he watches- he also knows kapibarra and lots of other animals, too!)Harry wiped out trying to pick flowers for Daddy and Emma.

He thought the purple ones were the prettiest!

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Anonymous said...'s been awhile since I've looked at your blog. I had some catching up to do. Emma is getting so gigantic...and incredibly aborable. Harry, of course is still as cute as ever. You look fantastic which must make you so happy. We miss you guys so much and hope we get to see you again before our kids outgrow the word adorable. Our next creation will be here soon (mommy hopes). I'm over being pregnant and ready to take on the infant (I think). Enjoy your spring...ours will most likely be a blur. Toodles,
The Litzlers.