Saturday, April 19, 2008

Harry, the golfer. Or maybe caddy?

Harry has discovered sunglasses. Today, he got himself all trussed up with his shoes, sunglasses, and his lunch box. He was very upset that he doesn't have a watch. :)
Emma got sunglasses today for our trip to FL on Weds. She knows she's pretty!!
Harry found some golf clubs at Wal-mart for 4 dollars the other night, so we took them home. However, he has NO interest in using the clubs, he just likes to trail the "bag" around behind him. Whatever!
Trying to hit the ball...
And we'll just go for a walk, now.... Anybody need a caddy?

Emma has discovered the cats. She is absolutely in love with Lola. It's one of the few things that makes our crabby, sick little girl happy right now. Jay figured out that if he cuddles Lola, Emma will sit and stare at her and coo for at least 15 minutes. :)

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