Friday, April 18, 2008

Fun at Raptor Reef!!

Today Harry and I hit the waterpark! There's an indoor waterpark in Coeur D'alene, so Harry and I met up with his friends Thomas and Joshua and their parents for a day in the warm water. We dropped Ems off with Daddy for the morning and headed off.... Harry insisted on wearing his sunglasses the whole car ride. Not sure why?
Harry at the wave pool. You had to be 3 to go in here, so he was instructed to "not cross that line!" He actually did a pretty good job. :)
Playing on the stairs at the kids section. Right above his head is a water bucket that periodically drops a bucket of water about every 30 seconds. He kept yelling, "Yay, Water!" everytime it would dump.
At the bottom of his favorite slide. I had to do it with him a few times, but then he was rushing up and down by himself.
Coming down in a BIG splash!!!

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