Monday, April 28, 2008

FL trip, part III

These pictures are from our beach day in St. Petersburg. We rented a hotel on the beach and relaxed for Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. This was EXACTLY what I wanted out of our vacation- sun, sand, and a beach towel! :) View from our hotel. Yup, that's the gulf!!
Harry was SOOO excited to go to the beach!! He loved the waves and kept saying, "More waves, please! Oh, look, more waves!" And they just kept coming.... He also asked me where the penguins were- I wasn't quite sure how to answer that one!
My feet in the sand. Yup, I'm happy!
This is "Superman, the Cool." That's Harry's new name for himself. He's learned how to "pretend" this week, so we've been Superman, the Cool; a bird with wings; a turtle that swims; and a shark with teeth.
Emma was excited, too!Jay and Ems on the beach. She got SO mad when her swimsuit got wet.

Harry found "sheshelfs."Emma chilling in the sand. Harry and I swimming in the ocean.The "Chubby Legs Gang!"

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Lisa said...

how fun! i love the one of harry with the "sheshelfs" and the one of emma smiling... they are so darn cute!!! i wish i was at the beach...