Saturday, April 26, 2008

FL Trip, part I

We're HERE!! :) And boy is it as beautiful as we remembered... The plane ride went reasonably well, Harry says "no more belt-time," but there weren't too many tears.
The kids held hands the whole way from Orlando to Tampa. Seriously.
We got to our friends, the Howard's, and Harry immediately fell in love with their puppies again. Kenai and Sunny are such sweeties, they put up with him so well the whole time we were there.
Even Emma loves the puppies! :)
Harry and Kelsey swimming in their pool. Thanks again to the Howards for allowing us to "invade" their home for a few days! :)
Harry at the penguin show at the aquarium. We used to have a membership here and come all the time, and he still loves it there!
Harry at the touch tank. He kept trying to pick up the starfish to take home with him!
Harry by the "big sharks!"
We met up with our friends the Enriques' to go to Busch Gardens yesterday. This is Harry and Acacia riding the dragons. He loved it!!
This picture won't turn for some reason, but this is Jay and Jacque riding Sheikra, the new floor-less roller coaster with a HUGE vertical drop. They're the last two on the left in the front row. :)

Harry rode the boats at Busch Gardens, too. Acacia is in the one behind him. Harry kept saying, "Isa turn the wheel, turn the wheel Isa," which is a line from Dora. :)

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