Thursday, December 11, 2008

3 years old and some outside time

Yesterday my baby boy turned 3. I'm still a little emotional, so I'll save the baby pictures for another day. I remember my mom saying when I was little that SHE felt lots older on each of my birthdays, and now I know exactly what she meant. :) I can't believe its been 3 years since we brought our little blue bundle home from the hospital. He was such a good little thing, even though he didn't cuddle as much as I would've liked. Now he's a beautiful 3 year old boy, and so sweet and kind (when he wants to be!). Obviously, he has his "moments," but I still wouldn't trade him for anything or anyone in the world. :) He got a "fix-it box" from his Auntie Katie. He tells me every morning, "Mom, I"m gonna fix sumpin today." Today it was my bed... tomorrow?
This is his 3 year old picture. And yes, this is a smile. I had to bribe him with m&m's to get this much!!

Happy fellow!

Emma LOVES to swing!!

But she's not such a big fan of the snowpants...hehe... poor Lumpy!

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